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Join and participate in exhibitions, events

Why and how to get involved in the association?

To join is…

  • Establish links with artists,

  • Participate in artistic projects,

  • Get involved in the life of the association,

  • Participate in the promotion of the association and communicate on the work of the artists of the association,

  • Exhibit at various events (artists / creators from Bouches-du-Rhône),

  • Exhibit as a guest artist,

  • Bring the workshop to life with demonstrations and introduce the public to the practice of their art with creative afternoons,

  • Have visibility on the site and on Facebook / Instagram publications and highlight his work.

The Provence Sud Passion association offers you different membership formulas depending on what you want to do with / for the artists' collective:

adapted "light" memberships, to allow you to get involved as much as you want,

and readjust from one year to the next according to your availability.

Entrance doors:


You can find the membership form here.

For any information you can contact us by email:


Giving a little of your time is vital for the life of the association and the success of our projects. It is imperative for any member to participate actively in the life of the association:


  • by offering your skills on an ad hoc basis you get involved in the life of the association and artistic times, activities and organization of events. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can meet.


  • by investing in regular participation (commissions, board of directors, etc.)

By getting involved with us

  • you participate in the life of a place of artistic permanence, collaborative open to all

  • you allow the continuity of our dissemination, creation, support and transmission activities

  • you are helping to create bond and social cohesion

  • you support artistic creation, the emergence of talents and access to artistic practices for all

  • you defend a vision of the role of creation in society.



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